Story Began in 1987

Hungry Bunny Company was founded in 1987 by one of its shareholders Mr. Mohamed Al Amar Al Dossary, a reputable Saudi Arabian entrepreneur.

The Company is registered under the Commercial registration number 2050019513

Hungry Bunny Company is a profitable fast-food chain in the country, which has been in operation for the last 34 years, with solid growth potential.

An Established company with 29 Branches in Saudi Arabia, and in addition to franchise outlets in, Oman, Qatar, Bosnia, and Yemen.

The Business is jointly owned by Mr. Mohammed Al Dossary and Bahrain shares and securities companies WLL.

A consistently profitable business, both at EBITDA and NET income levels.

With an Experienced Management team, and possessing more than 470 employees on the payroll as of 31st May 2014.

A business poised to exploit the growth in Saudi Arabia’s Fast food market that is expected to reach $4.5 million by 2015.


Hungry Bunny’s™ brand identity has been developed in several ways to help distinguish ourselves from many of the other competitors, that might be around the marketplace

We have distinguishing corporate colors which are Red, Yellow, and White which are appealing to the eye when put together on our restaurant fascias. The Family Section entrance in Dammam Corniche is full of joy and has a party feel to it.

Our Hungry Bunny™ logo which is the face of the Hungry Bunny™ is yellow and very visible from the distance.

Our logo is registered and placed on all Hungry Bunny merchandise, wrapping & Containers, cups, and home delivery cars.

Customer Service and Staffing

All GCC Countries will be a new market for Hungry Bunny™ and we are sure that it will be a very

fruitful market for us to develop in. The Key Personnel that will be appointed to this new

development will be the CEO.